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I am a lover of all things historical. I love to read, visit and investigate history. Why people did the things they did or what caused events to happen–those are the type of questions I love to find out the answers to. I am certified in U.S. History, World History and Social Science and even created a History Club for my students at my previous school. I have lived in many places that are important in America and have had the opportunity to participate in many events in history that have changed my life. Let me help my passion for American History become yours too!

When I was young and needed to know the definition of a word, my father would always say to me “Look it up.” That is where my love of words began. I love to define them, where they originated, how they have changed in usage and add them to my vocabulary. One of my prized possessions is my personal unabridged dictionary!

I think that the study of and the appreciation of grammar is a lost art in many situations in today’s world. Therefore, as a teacher certified in this field, I am passionate about making sure that I do not contribute to losing any more of the beauty of correct grammar usage.

I absolutely love reading! It is my hobby of choice. I ALWAYS have some book with me that I am reading in my spare time. I am also a certified teacher and have taught students from Kindergarten through adults to improve their reading skills and comprehension skills. I read about 320 words per minute and retain about 90% of what I read—except Math!

I love the English language! Although it is sometimes very confusing and hard to figure out, I love to investigate it and teach it! I love to dissect sentences, learn a new word of the day or find the meanings behind why we use words as we do. One of my prized possessions is an unabridged dictionary that I read one summer! I exempted my English classes for my Freshman year of college because of my skills with the English language!

I have been a lover of all things history since my youth. I have been privileged to live in many parts of the United States, but I also lived in a foreign country for several years. I found out early that the world was really a small, connected place! I am a certified teacher in Florida in the area of Social Science, so I am able to combine my “technical” knowledge of the world with my personal experiences.

I exempted my English classes in my Freshman year of college by passing taking the CLEP test and passing. Using correct grammar and sentence structure is something I find challenging and fun to tackle. I also have a talent for spelling. I have edited/proofread many, many papers while working on obtaining my four college degrees and in my everyday work in my classroom as an teacher.

Over the past twenty years of being both an educator and student, I have taken many types of standardized tests. I have developed many techniques and skills that have helped me to do my best on each of these. I have passed on my knowledge of these to many students from middle grades through adults. Through practice and concentrated hard work, many of my students have had positive results.

I have practiced the art of writing for most of my life. I have kept journals and written poetry for my own pleasure. I wrote an essay during my freshman year of college which enabled me to exempt my English 101 class. I have pursued and obtained four college degrees-two Associate, one Bachelor’s and one Master’s-in which I have honed my skills at writing professionally. I was the only Social Studies teacher in a group of 15 teachers who participated in a Specialist Degree level writing seminar. During that four week seminar, I actively wrote memoirs, letters to legislators, poetry, presentations and numerous essays.

I have taken many professional tests needed for my 6 total areas of certification as a teacher. As an educator, I have taught 1000’s of students how to develop test taking skills, especially in the area of Reading. I have developed techniques for breaking down passages and conquering difficulties associated with comprehension of those passages. I have successfully tutored students from middle school to adult on how to use these techniques in order to pass their required standardized tests.

I exempted my English classes in my Freshman year of college by passing taking the CLEP test and passing. Using correct grammar and sentence structure is something I find challenging and fun to tackle.

I have been a certified teacher for 8 years. During that time, I have worked with many students who had trouble staying organized, focused and motivated. I am an organized person, both in my personal and professional life and have learned many techniques/skills which save time and helped me to stay focused and on top of tasks. When I am working on any important task, my skills at “seeing the big picture” and being able to break it down into manageable goals helps to keep me focused and motivated and accomplish my task to the best of my ability. I try to teach my students these important “life skills/study skills” along with my certified subjects.

I am a certified teacher in Florida. As an active teacher, I hold certification in ESOL teaching. Also, while I was a teacher in Georgia for 7 years, I was always chosen as an inclusion teacher for both students with special needs and also for ESOL/ESL students. Many of my adult students that I have tutored have also been students with English as their second language. I have successfully tutored students from France, Korea, Thailand and Latin America.

I have taught Social Studies for several years at the middle school level and am certified in Florida to teach from grades 6-12. Anything related to any kind of history is my passion. I love to discover the whys, wheres and whens of history. I think knowing the details of history helps to make it come alive!

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