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Harvey T.

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State : MO

City : Fair Grove

ZipCode : 65648

Do You Want to Become a Master in Your Subject!

I am an educator that is certified or credentialed in three different states in elementary education. Additionally, I currently teach Education at the university level and supervise student-teachers at all levels of education.

I am currently assisting many education students who desire to become certified or credentialed in their states. I am well-versed with the state standards that help students achieve state certification.

Moreover, achieving a teaching degree can be a momentous accomplishment in one’s life, it has been extraordinarily satisfying for me for the past 35 years or more as a professional educator!

I believe that I can help you with this and you can achieve your certification and make a difference in the lives of many people that you teach!

I am currently teaching at the university level that covers the Classics with regard to Literature and Writing. We cover a wide range or plethora of subjects, including Shakespeare and American Literature, or others that were prominent in this field.

Learning the Classics will not only strengthen your intellectual capacities but help you appreciate the real art of the Classics.

I have taken graduate classes in art and specifically deals with architecture. I have taught college courses and certainly feel qualified teaching this subject, since I have a doctorate. Additionally, I currently teach at the university level.

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