Aki L. Private Tutor in Newmarket 03857

Aki L.

My tutoring hourly rate is $$50.00/Hour

I can tutor within 20 Miles

State : NH

City : Newmarket

ZipCode : 03857

Japanese Tutor, Photographer

My background in computer includes Windows DOS, 3.x, 95, 98, NT, XP, Vista as well as some Mac O/S.

I studied computers since 8th grade and it is one of my hobbies from hardware to software building number of computers and troubleshooting. With the background in electronics engineering and experience in troubleshooting skills, I’ve helped many customers in the past as well as friends and families.

I’m also knowledgeable in various software. I have experience in setting up network including both wired and wireless using hubs and routers. I’ve very familiar with networking, TCP/IP protocols and various protocols used to connect and send/receive data.

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