Judith M. Private Tutor in Branson 65616

Professional Teacher & Life-long Learner ... Biology was one of my favorite subjects in school. Not only did I love it, I always earned A grades. Please consider working with me in any area of biology. I'd have to say while education is my love, [Continue Reading]

Bruce C. Private Tutor in Branson 65616

Professor Emeritus University of Northern Iowa (Music) ... I have taken all of the required music theory courses required of my degrees as well as having taught arranging and composition courses at the University of Northern Iowa. I am currently the composer/arranger for The Branson Trumpet [Continue Reading]

Michael G. Private Tutor in Branson 65616

History, Elementary Eduacation, Government, and Social Studies ... I have a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice. I also have 10 years with the Kansas Department of Corrections. Eight years as an officer and 2 years as a Corrections [Continue Reading]