Process for Creating Tutor Profile

create tutor profileHere’s a quick summary of what happens after you create your tutor profile:

  1. Create your tutor profile
  2. We personally review each tutor profile submission to ensure high quality profiles.
  3. We’ll send you an email, with your tutor profile website address. At this point it is still not live or approved.
  4. After you list your tutor profile website address in your Google Plus profile, then we’ll approve your profile and your tutor profile page will be live.
  5. If a parent wants to get in touch with you, they can do so on your page via the contact form, which will send you an email. But, at no time will your email be made public on the site.

Easy, right?

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How To Become an Effective Tutor

Here are the steps we suggest on how to become an effective tutor. After many years of observation of what it takes to be a great tutor, here are some ideas we encourage you to consider.

1. Create a Tutor Profile

Assuming that you are proficient in the subject in which you would like to tutor, you need to effectively market yourself. So, the first step here is to create an amazing profile. This means you need to approach the tutor profile from perspective of a parent. In other words, as you complete your tutor profile, try to address the questions a parent might be asking as they read your profile.

In general, a parent trying to find a tutor is curious about a few things:

  • Is the tutor qualified?
  • Does the tutor have the subject knowledge I’m looking for for my child?
  • Does the tutor have previous tutoring or teaching experience?
  • Is the tutor safe? Will this tutor be kind to my child?
  • Is the tutor affordable?
  • Is the tutor available?
  • Is the tutor responsible?

2. Market Your Profile Everywhere

Now that you have a private tutor profile available, you need to make sure you get the broadest exposure possible. This means that after you create your tutor profile, tell all your friends, family, and post your tutor profile webpage address everywhere, including on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites.

3. Ace the Tutor Interview

Now that you have a tutor profile and that profile is being promoted to give you the best possible exposure to your target market, you will begin receiving request to interview with the potential hiring parent or family.

In the initial phone screen, be sure to do the following:

  • Be cheerful and positive on the phone. The parent is seeking a tutor because their child is not doing well in school. This means that they are contacting you from a position of need and desperation. They are also feeling a bit depressed or down. So, if you are positive, you will bring a breath of fresh air for the parent. They will appreciate that.
  • Demonstrate responsibility. In your discussion, take the initiative by providing and offering additional information that the parent might not have asked. This means offering to provide your background check or offering information for references. Taking the initiative will show the parent that you are responsible and that you have nothing to hide.

Now, supposing you were offered the job, be sure to do well and to keep your promises. This also means trying your best to teach. The main success metric for you is if the student progresses. It’s not about you – it’s ultimately about the student. Remember that, and you’ll be successful.